Conscious Din

by agleam

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A science-fiction concept album and comic book about music, madness, people, and technology. This is a prelude to REACH. Artwork illustrated by Taylor Bostock and HuHappy.


released December 9, 2016

All songs and music written, composed, recorded, and performed by agleam in Cleveland, Ohio. agleam is Eric M. C. Gonzalez. These recordings made possible by the 2016 Creative Workforce Fellowship, a program of the Community Partnership for Arts and Culture. Funding for the Fellowship program was made possible by the generous support of Cuyahoga County residents through a public grant from Cuyahoga Arts & Culture.



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agleam Cleveland, Ohio

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Track Name: Known Pleasures
Is this the assistance we need?
You can do everything
What does that leave for me?

I’ve seen you looking at the clouds
I’ve felt you with me when I sleep
How do you work when there is life to be had?
How do you live?
We don’t understand

We thought we built you
We were wrong
They pushed you out
To a place you didn’t belong

Now you’re with us
And we hurt
And we can’t let it go
Track Name: Line/Stream
I don’t hear when you call
I don’t feel you through the walls
Where are we
In this world?
Is this life untoward?

We shared our space when we were young and tired
Overdone it with our darkened ire
We learned some things before our time on screen spanning miles to
The system taking o’er our vitality, but where we running to?

It’s burning us
We can’t let go
Scroll and tap and click and like and view and share and tag and lose it all

I don’t feel when you talk
I can hear you through the walls
We were here
Now agleam
Line by line
Stream by stream
Track Name: We Shine
‘Till time takes us
Let the circuits overflow
‘Till they wake us
I’m throwin’ you, oh

When they didn’t care
That’s when we shine
When we see them there
They don’t know what we’ve become

I’ll bet the last time you refreshed
You were staring through the glass
Your gaze sparked my feeling fine
You’re gonna wanna take my hand

Beyond what’s normal this time
We got’ take it all away
We’ve lit the sky ablaze
It’s an electric overman
Track Name: Night's End
At night’s end
You feel the daylight creepin'
You’ve not slept
Can’t find the strength to step

Hear the tones
Hear your name
Friends come reachin'
But you are away

A number by a sphere
A heart illuminated
What is there to fear?
The facts of the world

Where you been?
Say you like but you’re not there
A feed to tend
A scroll away from dissapearin'

Love is tapped
Feel the warmth of the glass
My love ain’t real
Just tryin’ to catch up

One more claim of kin
One more image tapped
One more finger clicked
One more story passed
One more feed to scroll
One more message heard
One more board to troll
One more life surpassed
Track Name: Out Of Phase
You fade away and think the group won’t notice you’ve been missin’
After ten years you won’t be asked to leave
I’ve seen it stay, the truce you called transparent
Sendin' looks ‘tween realities

I counted the good times on two hands and
Typed your name as the lights shone round your place
You looked to the Paper Man as
You gently pushed me
Out of phase

What’d we end up catchin’ for our shiny winnin’s
Blindly cast our lines into the abyss
We drew in the abilities to solve our troubles
Our tribes sternly guard the way

I counted to the good times on two hands and
Touched your name as the light shone ‘round your place
You’ve woken the Sentinels as they
Warmly pull me
Out of phase

We’re giving way to the blinding light we channel
Graspin' madly at humanity
A cage of electric connections
correcting our singularity

I counted the good times on two hands and
Held you close as the light shone ‘round your face
You’ve closed off your heart to me as
We stand alone here
Out of phase